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Four Main Benefits Of The Safari Pet RAW Diet:

  • Healthy Skin & Coat                                                                                                                  

This can be one of the first changes you’ll notice when you begin feeding your dog Safari Pet Food.  Persistent skin problems may quickly improve or even completely disappear.  You may no longer need frequent vet visits, medicated washes, antibiotics, and cortisone shots or tablets.  Doesn’t it make sense that your pet’s natural, healthy, RAW diet is now supplying nutrients that former diets were missing?  And, just as skin problems are improving, so is your pet’s coat!  It will become deeply colored, lustrous, thick, and begin SHEDDING LESS.

  • Weight Control  

By feeding your dog the appropriate amount of Safari Pet Food, your pet will LOSE WEIGHT.  Of course this makes your pet look better, but it also increases its metabolic rate, its activity levels, and its healthy life span. Combine the raw diet with normal exercise, and the positive results will be even more rapid. 

  • Stool Volume & Odor

Both reduced stool volume and reduced odor signal an improved, healthier digestion cycle in your pet.  Our Safari Pet food is more readily absorbed than grain based diets and is more completely digested.    The pleasant result is LESS STOOL VOLUME AND LESS ODOR.

  •  Grain Free

Dogs do not have an adequate digestive system to cope with grains, and grains make up the majority of kibble dog food products.  Unfortunately, grains are also one of the biggest sources of ALLERGIES in dogs.  You may discover your pet’s allergies have disappeared after switching to a raw food diet!





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